A 20-year trade partner
Qingdao D&L Group Ltd Machinery Branch has 20 years of experience in the machinery industry. We can help you find the equipment that you are searching for. In the past, we have worked with drawing production lines, PVC shrinking machinery, travel cranes, slitting production lines, cutting lines and pipe welding lines.

Machinery made in 10 partner factories
We work with 10 partner factories in order to find an exact match to what you need. All of these facilities have ISO 9001:2000 certification. Once we have sourced your order, we can come to your desired location to provide on-site installation, training, instruction and spare parts. OEM orders are welcome.

Expect a reply in 24 hours
Samples and full orders are both ready in one to three months. The bulk of our machinery is exported to Africa, where it has sold well for the last 10 years. Send us an e-mail today and we will respond within 24 hours.