Auto Parts

High quality and large capacity thanks to good facilities
At Qingdao D&L Group Auto Parts Branch, our production facilities are fully equipped to bring you the quality you expect for the quantity you need. We have:
Twenty 16- to 250-ton stamping machines
A fully automatic 250-ton progressive stamping machine
5 Panasonic welding robots
15 digitally controlled CNC machines
One 5-layer digital tube bending machine
These are just some of what we use to offer you different kinds of auto parts. Stamped, CNC machined, welded and threaded parts can all be made in our facilities.

Impressive innovation
With the expertise of our 10 engineers, we can easily help customers develop new products and process their OEM requests. All tooling is done in-house, allowing us to create accurate counter samples in two to three weeks.

Response within 24 hours
With more than 20 years of exporting experience, our sales representatives can communicate with you fluently in English. Submit your inquiries for a response in 24 hours. Call us today.