to the Qingdao D&L Group Ltd. where the driving force is a culture built upon exceeding the customer's requirements and expectations. For nearly 20 years the Qingdao D&L Group Ltd. has been a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of precision machined OEM components and the metal parts for the agricultural industry.

In addition to our skilled technicians, our management is committed to acquiring and updating the latest equipment and attendant technology available. We maintain our own tool rooms to keep our equipment in first class order. The continuing training of our workforce in the latest technologies and manufacturing processes ensures that we are always ahead of the curve. The flexibility of our workforce allows us to respond quickly to any changes in customer requirements.

Our production control department uses the latest and most versatile business tools available for customer communications (CRM System), for production and logistics (ERP System), and for technical data management (PDM System). We also maintain an unequalled logistics department throughout Europe and the United States to ensure on time delivery. We are committed to providing the best possible quality products at the lowest possible cost.